Bringing Our Music to Hamilton County Schools

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Besides performance, education is an important part of our mission in the community. 

In November, Scenic City Chorus was proud to participate in Hamilton Sings, a music education workshop and concert involving 5th graders from 25 Hamilton County schools. The students attended classes focused on building musical skills during the workshop. The free evening concert—open to the community—highlighted skills learned during the day, as well as their talents and hard work.

Jen Cooke, our director, was on hand to teach the rudiments of our craft and co-direct at the concert. 

"It was a pleasure to work with Hamilton County students and educators. The students learned a four-part song and partook in a mini-lesson on a cappella singing with a barbershop focus. Scenic City Chorus was a proud participant in this ground-breaking musical event."

Charlene Cook, the event organizer, felt that our presence sent a message to all that participation in music is a pleasure to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Jen's teaching and our chorus ensemble pre-concert performance was well received.

“We were so pleased that Scenic City Chorus agreed to participate as entertainers and their director, Jennifer Cooke, agreed to be a part of our faculty for the whole day and evening. They were a wonderful addition to our event and were appreciated and enjoyed not only by our students but by our parent and teacher audience as well.”

Hamilton Country Schools music educators and advocates hope this event helps build awareness of how important arts education is in our local schools and that it becomes an annual event. 

Hamilton Sings was sponsored by a grant from the Public Education Foundation’s Teacherprenuer Program.